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from many of you on facebook and on twitter, and of course via email. on duval patrick, judies says hey, bill caught only the last couple of hours last night, but i thought duval patrick knocked it out of the park your comment yeah he was good leads me to believe you have an issue i'm not aware of. no judy i thought he was great. duval patrick hit it out of the freaking park. so did julian castro and michelle obama. and bill the lesson that clint eastwood taught america if you are in a debate with an empty chair, you have got to win the debate. yeah, i guess that was the first debate of this election. [♪ theme music ♪] >> bill: hey, good morning, everybody, good to see you this morning, and welcome to the "full court press," on this wednesday september 5th, coming to you live on current tv all the way across this great land of ours again from charlotte, north carolina capitol of the democratic national convention, and day two of the democratic national convention. what a great night last night. julian castro, giving the keynote speech and michelle obama
. massachusetts governor duval patrick bringing down the house with the fiery message directed at the heart of his party. he wasn't the only one. >> when it comes to respecting women's rights, mitt romney says no. when it comes to letting people love who they love and marry who they want to marry, mitt romney says -- >> no. >> no. when it comes to expanding access to good health care mitt romney says -- >> no. >> actually. actually, actually mitt romney said yes and now he says -- >> no. >> no. >> first read called it a night won that checked all of the boxes, nods to women and latinos and lgbt americans and we bring in our wednesday political power panel, joanne reed and democratic strategist phoenix and republican strategist chip saltsman. >> let's begin with the breaking news the change of venue because of weather that is due in charlotte. kristen kul cow xi sent this statement, the democrats continue to downgrade convention events due to lack of enthusiasm. this time moving out of bank of america panthers stadium, problems filling the street. ben lebolt said that's not true at all. this is out
. it is the tremendous power they enjoy in these political voices we've heard here -- governor duvall patrick, mayor rahm emanuel, mayor julian castro, michelle obama, and most potently, bill clinton. if they send these people home, the obama people are blowing a golden opportunity. if they equip them, commission them, engage with them and send them on the road, they will have a team of confederates that will constitute the greatest partisan cavalry charge in history. joining me right now is eugene robinson of "the washington post," pulitzer price winning columnist, and the indefatiguable steve smith, who stays true to his party surrounded by all kinds of hostile forces. thank you, steve smith. i want to start with gene and then to steve quickly. what has to be different in the president's speech tonight, which we're told is going to be relatively brief, compared to the great speech he gave in 2004 and again in 2004. >> i don't think he can be just poetry. i don't think he can be just hope and change. for obvious reasons. so i think it has to be more specific than that. i do think it has to be forward lo
from a number about direct ounce is. duval patrick did it from his own backyard. >> in massachusetts, we know mitt romney. [applause] by the time he left office, massachusetts was 47th in the nation in job creation. during better economic times and household income in our state was declining. he cut education deeper than anywhere else in america. roads and bridges were crumbling. mitt romney talks a lot about all the things he fixed. i can tell you, massachusetts was not one of them. >> reporter: back on the change from the football stadium to the basketball arena you can't challenge democrats claims it was weather concern. the crowd was told they couldn't bring umbrellas. people were being bused in from several states to make sure there were no empty seats. now they're being told they will get tickets to future events. jenna. jenna: wendell goler live in charlotte, north carolina. thank you. jon: fox news alert. we told you moments ago about that 7.9 magnitude quake off the coast of northwestern costa rica. the u.s. geological survey said the quake struck offshore about 50 miles fro
. with two top surrogates for the candidate. democratic governor of massachusetts, duvall patrick and republican senator from new hampshire, kelly ayok. and then our political roundtable on the romney campaign under fire from romney conservatives what is the turn-around plan. are romney's troubles overstated? and what to look for as the candidates prepare for the debate. with a senior adviser to the romney campaign of democratic mayor of atlanta. and host of msnbc's "morning joe," joe scarborough and dee dee myers and chuck todd about what new polls in the battleground states tell us about the race. >>> good sunday morning, election day is 44 days away. but early voting starts soon in several key battleground states. polls showing a small pool of undecided voters left. it's important for mitt romney as he tries to steady his campaign before the all-important presidential debates begin october 3rd. joining me two top surrogates, democratic governor of massachusetts, duvall patrick and the republican senator from new hampshire, kelly ayotte. good to have you here. a lot to get to. l
national committee. i was thinking tonight watching duvall patrick giving the speak of his life, watching julian castro -- the first lady may be the crowning achievement of the evening. it's your great work that made this possible. you designed this evening. you built this house, didn't you? >> no, our house was built tonight by the most open, inclusive community oriented political convention that was ever put on. we're so proud that we were able to highlight our first lady's message, mayor castro's message, that we have come through a really rough patch. we inherited under president obama's leadership, failed policies from the past that nearly crashed our economy. and while 2008 was an historic election, julian castro and michelle obama laid out the case that this election is personal. and that we're not going back. >> you know what i was noticing tonight, that this -- okay. a moment of greatness here for the chair woman. i want to ask you, michael about this convention as an observer. >> no, i think the democrats have come in and have kind of found their mojo. it's been a long time -- h
an instant star. the first night was duvall patrick, governor of massachusetts. the night after him so wednesday night was congressman emmanuel clever from maryland and last night, i gotta tell you last night was our own current tv's own jennifer granholm, host of "the war room," of course. former governor of michigan. she was on fire! and she had a lot of great lines. one of the lines that's most repeated, i think is what she said about mitt romney's car elevator. >> people who design and build and sell those cars, well, in romney's world the cars get the elevator and the workers get the shaft. [ cheers & applause ] >> bill: people loved that line. they loved her. joe biden even gave her a little shout out there when he began his remarks. and joe biden, i gotta tell you man, people worked all day in interviews, people were asking, interviews i did people were asking, you know, are you worried about joe biden tonight? are you worried he's going to go off message? i said come on. joe biden is going to be great. and
here. they launched off tonight with a spectacular lineup of speakers. cory booker, duvall patrick, ted strickland, julian castro. before you got to michelle obama you had four really big, successful speeches. >> i don't know whether the democrats give great speeches or have better speech writers, but there were great speeches. >> and a coherent message. >> i think we got the feeling in tampa, don't forget, mitt romney was not everyone's first choice. mitt romney was a lot of people's second choice sitting in that room. tonight this was -- it's going to be the renomination of a president, a sitting president of the united states. and so the enthusiasm and the passion was there. inside the room. it's a bigger convention as other folks have pointed out. there was more energy in the room to begin with. then you had these great speakers and nobody was really saying look at me, i'm going to be the next president of the united states. at least not yet. >> julian castro i thought made a real bid to be the first latino, potentially, president of the united states. >> there's no question there w
to governor of massachusetts duvall patrick. >> mitt romney talks a lot about all the things he has fixed. i can tell you massachusetts was not one of them. [applause] he's a fine fellow, and a great salesman but as governor he was a lot more interested in having the job than doing the job. >> cenk: oh, this poor guy is back in the middle of the ring, and who is climbing the ropes? is it duvall. here comes the duvall hammer. all right there are eight morse of those coming up throughout the show. so stay right here and when we come back we'll turn to what president obama will doing in the second term. and will it be a grand bargain. we'll discuss that when we come back. >> president obama asked more tax increases be included. for boehner was a deal breaker. brought to you by disaronno. be original. i look at her, and i just want to give her everything. yeah you -- you know, everything can cost upwards of...[ whistles ] i did not want to think about that. relax, relax, relax. look at me, look at me. three words, dad -- e-trade financial consultants. so i can just go talk to 'em? just
, ledbetter regulator. and number nine, we go to governor of massachusetts duvall patrick. >> mitt romney talks a lot about all the things he has fixed. i can tell you massachusetts was not one of them. [applause] he's a fine fellow, and a great salesman but as governor he was a lot more interested in having the job than doing the job. >> cenk: oh, this poor guy is back in the middle of the ring, and who is climbing the ropes? is it duvall. here comes the duvall hammer. all right there are eight morse of those coming up throughout the show. so stay right here, and when we come back we'll turn to what president obama will doing in the second term. and will it be a grand bargain. we'll discuss that when we come back. >> president obama asked more tax increases be included. for boehner that was a deal breaker. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: all right, we're back on "the young turks"." last night joe biden gave a speech about how president obama had a spine of steel! i got to be honest with you i wasn't buying it. there were good parts to biden's speech and there were a lot of things i like
be really bad. i want to spend the whole day listening from duvall patrick, dnc, campaign. everyone saying we had nothing to do with the ad. i saw clyburn say i don't know what you are talk about which is complete b.s. there was important news that came out today. the dnc decided to move the venue that president obama will speak at thursday night from the outdoor, 80,000 plus. not 60,000 like they are trying to tell us. 80,000 seat stadium. 75,000 plus more on the floor to a 20,000 seat stadium. a couple reasons that could be happening. number one, i was going to say as joke maybe because they took out and worried about -- not that. 60,000 people. they have to fill 60,000 seats. maybe they weren't able to do that. or bank of america stadium, $45 billion taxpayer dollars went in to bank of america and they laid out 30,000 people in may. they're outsourcing those jobs to philippines. do you think they want the president underneath the bank of the america sign? >> bob: more than latter than the former. >> dana: or it could be it was forecast for lightning. lightning rarely strikes twice. ligh
showing a second ago. and we are expecting to hear from duval patrick, the massachusetts governor, very close friend of president barack obama. it has been a busy night. former governor michael dukakis on here, presidential candidate 1988. it was this man's first convention back then. the massachusetts treasure, former dnc chairman as well. very good to have you. >> thank you. neil: you stand by and say the party should probably stand by unions. i assume you mean private and public, right? >> i have had a union shop in my family business for six years. never had to go to arbitration. in our business we prospered for 102 years, for generations to my two boys, because we had a partnership. when unions kraft partnership with the employer and treat each other fairly across the conference table in negotiations , things can work, but you need to reform it. neil: other reforming enough, even in the heavily democratic cities, california, san jose got that taxpayers say you have to rain this in. you have to rein these increases in. >> state treasurer. health care reform. $175 million all over ma
for obama. >> how got? >> we're going to talk to duvall patrick and kelly ayotte. >>> much more ahead on the d"th daily rundown." you can in-person vote in two states right now, folks. did you know? we'll tell you who is casting presidential ballots today and a bunch of states starting tomorrow. >>> plus, obama senior advisor david axelrod joins me next on the polls, the fight over libya and what the president meant by changing his change message. >>> but first a look ahead at the schedules of the president in virginia today, aarp remarks. and mitt romney, heads out west. going to do an event in las vegas and guess what he also has to do? raise more money. you're watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. icans bee in charge of their own future. how they'll live tomorrow. for more than 116 years, ameriprise financial has worked for their clients' futures. helping millions of americans retire on their terms. when they want. where they want. doing what they want. ameriprise. the strength of a leader in retirement planning. the heart of 10,000 advisors working with you one-to-one. toget
. >> duvall patrick had the house on fire. >> wasn't he great? >> i think this idea that if people here and if even, you know, softly committed voters, those wavering obama supporters, if all of a sudden they could feel like, hey, we're part of something again, that's really what the president's got to do is rekindle that. >> let me go superficial here which is the production value. compare how it was so clear to me that the obama campaign had a heavy handed speech. they made sure that speech was part of the narrative of the night, it fit what michelle oba obama's speech was about when they were talking about personal narratives. you can tell, they didn't mess with chris christie, they did a poor job. >> we said it last week and a lot of people raised their eyebrows about there are going to be comparisons about mayor castro versus marco rubio because two young rising hispanic stars, i'm sorry, i will say it again, the marco rubio speech was a missed opportunity. >> because it was a marco rubio speech. mayor castro, he talked a little bit about himself. he talked about his family. >> her
's got chuck schumer out there, a lot of people. he has duval patrick out there. he has a lot of people, perhaps dozens of them that can give speeches that punch back at the republicans. it doesn't have to be barack obama out there taking all the hits. he could have a whole team of people. he has to stop using staff. he has to stop using staffers like plouffe and axelrod and those people. he has to start using political principles. i think that's really important. i have somebody yelling back here. i'm be sure if it is positive or negative here. back to you, rachel. >> i'm pretty sure that is david axelrod to you saying he shouldn't be going on national television anymore. >> at a certain point volume trumps point of view. to chris's point about surrogates and what will happen next, it is not just president obama speaking tomorrow night. they've put the president and the vice president on the same night. vice president biden actually got a huge cheer tonight in the hall when president clinton shouted him out on the stimulus in terms of sort of watch dogging the stimulus and making sure
as it is known right now. it would continue on as an option along with private options. also last night, duval patrick went after romney's record of that state. >> in massachusetts, we know mitt romney. by the time he left office, massachusetts was 47th in the nation in job creation during better economic times and household income in our state was declining. reporter: the truth is that massachusetts was in 50th place when romney took over as governor. during his time in office, unemployment went down and there were modest jobs gained. by the time he left office, massachusetts was ranked 28th. a significant lead. not 47. jobs creation claims to be allowed to statistics, we will keep updating it throughout the day. we will keep an update on tonight's speeches as well. only you can make those headphones look good. megyn: i feel like dick clark, but you are too kind. we are hearing such concerns today that the president and his party may have just angered a critical group of voters. in 2008, the dnc platform read that jerusalem is and will remain the capital of israel. but this year, that line ha
booker speech gave very early in the evening 6:00. duval patrick, close friend of the president from massachusetts had a very prime spot. some people think he got bumped for sticking up for venture capitalism very on. but his speech was somewhat buried yesterday. you boy, did it get the crowd moving. bill: booker lives and works in that new york city metropolitan area. he relies money from wall street to help fuel his own campaign. that is part of the reason he made the comment. martha: good relationship with those folks. democrats changing their platform, speaking of that, in terms of the position on israel. this has stirred up a big controversy. coming up we'll ask former israeli ambassador to the u.n. dan gillerman how this could affect diplomacy in that region. bill: we'll talk with two female republican governors about the so-called republican war on women. what sup with that? that is next. >> i know this president and i can tell you that he cares deeply about the next generation of young women in this country. his daughters, all love our daughters [applause] >> the national con
time speeches from three big layers, massachusetts governor duval patrick, t charlotte's mayor, julian castro and michelle obama. michelle spoke of their shared struggles, focus on family and shared values. here's part of mr. obama's tribute to her husband. >> and he reminds me that we are playing a long game here and that change is hard. and change is slow and it never happens all at once, but eventually we get there. we always do. we get there because of folks like my dad, folks like barack's grandmother, men and women who said to themselves, i may not have a chance to fulfill my dreams but maybe my children will. maybe my grandchildren will. so many of us stand here tonight because of their sacrifice and longing and steadfast love, because time and again, they swallowed their fears and doubts and did what was hard. so today, when the challenges we face start to seem overwhelming or even impossible, let us never forget that doing the impossible is the history of this nation. it is who we are as americans. it is how this country was built. [ cheers and applause ] >> mrs. obama at last
of staff and director of the peace corps and communications director. duval patrick is the governor of massachusetts. grover norquist. it's like groundhog day every side -- every five years before us identify our class. we have the only two conservatives the gun and of harvard. the rest of us just throw things at us. it's always amusing commute the series is very good. come back in november bummer doing when it -- william henry harrison. it's a very short program. you don't want to miss that one. and such a presidential merit i visited his tomb. his tomb is in a small town along the ohio river in southeastern ohio commanders as an eternal flame which may have been up for decades and no one had noticed. as it to car parking lot. it really does. a two car parking lot. you really have to go out of your way. i'll give you a little bit of presidential history as well. for those of you watching on c-span and she had been to the nixon library it is a remarkable place. i have never met anyone who came here and did not think it was an extraordinary visit would against nixon by times which on
capital and private capital. not only president clinton but duval patrick who we had a brief chat. we couldn't get a sit-down interview. we chased him down on the floor. i'm scariest site to see you being chased down by me with a microphone. cory booker said, look, bashing private capital is nauseating. they were all reined in from the white house. all is supposedly well and good. all of these guys to a man were trying to say in the nicest of way, a signal to the white house, you have to dial it back a little bit, mr. president. capitalism, isn't a bad thing. this is a zero sum thing, the strategy you have. that is why you're seeing them ratchet a little bit differently, framing the virtue of making it from nothing. but with government always there as the backdrop. it's a very, not so subtle difference in this campaign convention approach than republicans. but it is distinct. and everyone supposedly is on board. melissa, i like you, agree, that bill clinton wasn't sending a clear message. this was not the moderate signal he was sending when he was president. a lot of people say that w
. subroc obama will probably be right up there. we will probably have to play duval patrick much as i am going to surely with former dnc had. jason down, talk to him. this is a bonding moment. i'm very big on this. they want to talk to me. i'm sure some of them put up a different, but in the and it is a golden moment. for you at fox business, basic cable, is that wonderful? ♪ ♪ neil: all right. that is scott carey. he will be making a big speech here tomorrow. a lot of expectation that this was barack obama returning the favor to john kerry. john kerry who really picked barack obama out of nowhere to make the keynote speech in the 2004 convention. many say he could be this president's next secretary of state. we will keep an eye on these. he is a former aide worker. going to listen to each and every story. one of them will be joining us later. plan that mitt romney is that all he is slated to be. they will explain about some of the hardships they endured. a minority of the community. they're loyal to met romney. a great boss. the company agreed was a great company. so these are there
want to let people know how great a job duval patrick did. his speech was probably the greatest one and michelle was good, castro was good. everyone was great. everyone was great. they made their point without being derisive of the republicans. there were not at nasty or evil. i don't like the way the republicans kept taking the "you didn't build that" out of context. we need to do a better job of making the argument without taking things out of context, thank you. host: thanks for calling in this morning. our next call is from montana. this is on our democrats line. how would you describe the role of first ladies in a presidential campaign. caller: i think the role of a first lady and the presidential campaign is sharing the personal aspects of the presidential candidate. we are black and as ranchers and farmers rating -- raising grain. i worked in the obama campaign last time but over the years, there was so much stonewalling in congress, i got discouraged. with michelle last night, she stuck to her role as first lady and what her impressions are of her husband now as well as befo
sebelius, and mayor rohm emmanuel of chicago, along with duval patrick of massachusetts. at 10:00 p.m., governor martin o'malley of maryland, castromayr julian castro, and first lady michelle obama will be speaking. we will begin with a democrat from houston this morning. caller: good morning. thank you for c-span. i am very pleased with obama. i am much better off than i was four years ago. you betcha. i have a laundry list of why i think he is better. i will tell you one of them, health care. he promised and delivered on osama bin laden, which makes me feel very safe in the country. the auto industry was saved. all of the things that are important to me as a mother, with health care, and i am making -- cancer patient. he is not going to throw me a voucher, like paul ryan wants to do. i am thrilled with president obama and am volunteering for his campaign every day. host: bob, republican, maine. are you better off? caller: about the same. but i think that this distribution problem in the country has meant that the recession has gotten deeper. i think that the country, with its grea
, jennifer granholm was astounding. he's beautiful and astounding. duvall patrick said democrats will fight back and they are fighting back. my other point is i've been reading on the blogs that the reason why romney is withholding his taxes and hiding his taxes is because he's been money laundering through the mormon church via overseas accounts by the bain investments. have you heard anything about that? jost that's one i have not heard. what i heard actually, martin, was that mitt romney was undertithing his church and not giving a full 10%. that's why he was being secretive. >> i think he's lying. he lies for everything. the man -- something's wrong. and money laundering somewhere. and it is going to come out at some point. >> did you see larry flynn offed up a -- offered up a million dollars if anyone can bring his tax returns. >> john: all mitt romney has to do is do exactly what his daddy did and release his tax returns. mitt romney gave john mccain 23 years of tax returns and gave the american people o
wants to hear but frankly governor duval patrick sat at our convention, that we have things to be proud of and i think you're going to hear more about throughout the rest of the campaign season for the next 49 of nine days. catherine has a good point and i am a fighter, so i believe in that. >> guest: >> host: jean and clement, california. >> caller: i am a taxpayer, not a parasite. even though i'm on social security, also be a taxpayer. you've got 47% of the country balked at. how is the democratic party going to get the other 4%? >> guest: that was mitt romney's assessment. he is just dismissing it doesn't have to pay any attention to them. and disney would need to worry about those people. in fact, as a democrat, i am concerned, like you are, people who pay into social security, but to make sure social security is available for you, for young people who want to go to school and make sure you're able to do that. you're a contributor. most people frankly do that. we want to make sure we have an economy that works for them. and so i guess in my life experience, i don't see a lot of free
was part of the private security force hired to protect our diplomats overseas. governor duval patrick attended the weak yesterday for this american hero who died trying to protect those who weren't able to protect themselves. once again, glen doherty is being laid to rest today. this is in winchester, massachusetts. hundreds of mourners already in place. flags line his family's neighborhood we're told and placed along the funeral route. glen doherty laid to rest today. >>> turning to politics, brand new polls to tell you about in the race to to the white house. they run the gamut from the economy to battle for the swing states but they all seem to point to one thing. we'll tell you more about that coming up. jenna: also, jon, christmas may be months away but never too early, is it? jon: never. jenna: to talk about the must-have toys for the holiday season. we'll give you the list next jon: fox news is your election headquarters and a slew of new polls in the race for the white house on everything from the economy to the all-important battle for the swing states and they show this race
at this convention like duvall patrick, bill clinton last night doing that, explaining to the public what's happened. he needs to embrace it, he needs to give a litany of the things he's done, but do it in a way that leverages or becomes a point of leverage for what he's going to do. >> does he need to go line by line and sort of counter attack attacks that have been put upon him at the convention last week and also with some of the ads out there, does he need to do that? >> i think he could do a little bit of that, but i think bill clinton did that for him. you'll notice that president clinton did not talk much about the going forward what the plan is. he's leaving that to president obama. what he did is clear the field for president obama. he took on the republican smoke screen and some of the republican arguments, very devastating in his doing that. and so i think it frees, it opens up the field for president obama to look forward and lay out an agenda. >> would you come back and talk to us again as we get closer to this election? >> would love nothing better. >> this is paul glasstros, he is edi
cleaver yesterday? caller: yes. host: what did you think about that? caller: i think duval patrick did a great speech and she was very affected. -- effected. - effective. we can lead mitt romney off the hook about tax returns because i don't think he has paid taxes for the last 10 years. host: thanks for your calls. we will be hearing mall -- more later today. let's take a look at some of the speeches from last night. elizabeth ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome elizabeth warren. [applause] you. i am elizabeth warren, and this is my first democratic convention. [applause] >> warren, warren, warren! >> i never thought i would run for the senate, and i never dreamed i would be the warm-up act for president bill clinton. he is an amazing man who had the good sense to marry one of the coolest women on this planet. i want to give a shout out to the massachusetts delegate. i am counting on your to help me win and to help president obama win. i am here tonight to talk about people who come home at night to cook dinner and help out with homework, people who can be counted on to help t
amongst other speakers, like governor duval patrick and rohm emmanuel.
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